Artist Statement

My imagery usually starts with an observation of a material reality–objects of nature in space, such as plants, trees or landscape elements. These elements have a presence and create relationships. We embody the place or object and simultaneously perceive other possibilities of being and other time frames. There may be events of the past or events imagined. The created spaces may be inhabited. There is movement and change.  These are events perceived simultaneously with the current reality. My imagery always has to do with events in a place.


In the city, where encounter with nature is limited, I have often created interior landscapes with tabletop objects. These stationary, inert objects are combined with plants, flowers or vegetable materials, bringing in what changes and has a life span.



Guna Mundheim lives and works in New York City, as well as in Tucson, Arizona and Long Beach Island, New Jersey. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, she studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and did graduate work in painting and landscape architecture again at the University of Pennsylvania. She taught watercolor at University of Pennsylvania from 1979 to 1986, while also serving as Assistant Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Mundheim, who was formerly represented by the Gross McCleaf gallery in Philadelphia and Veiherte Gallery in Riga, Latvia is currently a member of the NYC Phoenix Art Collective.


Instagram: nycphoenixart

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email: nycphoenixart@gmail.com